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Canby Pearl Grey & Elm Burl Polarized Sunglasses

Canby Pearl Grey & Elm Burl Polarized Sunglasses

$ 169.00
Since the beginning, the Canby has been Shwood’s flagship model, and for good reason. The classic wayfarer styling and refined aesthetics of the Canby lay the groundwork for an entire wooden eyewear revolution. The Canby mixes timeless style with the luxuriousness of domestic hardwoods for a look that's simple yet unforgettable. The Canby looks good on most face shapes.Grey lense.

Canby Pearl Grey & Elm Burl Sunglasses are made with a cellulose acetate. It is a natural and renewable material derived from cotton and wood pulp. Lightweight and extremely strong, this environmentally friendly material boasts a unique warmth that can only be found in nature.

Made in Portland, OR.


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