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Large Earth Friend Doll
Earth Friends

Large Earth Friend Doll

$ 89.00
We are a family of nine girls and boys who like to play and work hard together. We love you and we love Mother Earth. From head to toe we are made with natural and recycled material.

Every Earth Friend comes with a tree planting kit in their backpack. This way you become an Earth Friend too by planting trees to create shade, habitat, beauty and all the other wonderful attributes of trees.

Join The Earth Friends in learning to honor ourselves, each other and our planet! Choose from Emma, Adam, Malia, Raji, Jax, Lilah or Hannah.

Hair: 100% organic cotton

Skin: 100% hemp

Clothes: organic cotton and recycled cotton

Stuffing: 100% recycled plastic containers

Seeds in Backpack: Douglas Fir, Ethically Harvested in USA

Package: 100% Recycled cardboard

Dolls: Hand-Washable

Clothes: Machine Washable

Made in California, USA

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